ENGAGE- a Delphi study to define construct Communicative Functioning

Auteur(s) Inge Klatte; Ingrid Singer
Publicatiedatum 2016-09-15
Publicatietype Andersoortig materiaal
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Innovatie van Zorgverlening, Logopedie
Lectoraat Logopedie : Participatie door Communicatie
Samenvatting Children with Language Impairments (LI) have difficulties understanding and using language. Due to their language problems, LI children experience difficulties in communication in all aspects of life. They are at risk of behavioural problems, emotional and psychosocial difficulties, and they perform poorly in school. In the Dutch educational and therapeutic setting, the Dutch construct “communicatieve redzaamheid” (CR) is used to describe communication problems. CR can be loosely translated to English as communicative participation, competence or functioning. CR is used to describe the activity limitations and participation restrictions a LI child experiences. It determines whether a child is eligible for educational support. Also, the description of problems in CR is used to set treatment goals on the ICF component of participation. Consensus on what CR is and how it can be described is lacking. This hinders communication between professionals and parents about the child’s diagnosis and treatment. This study aims to reach consensus between professionals working with LI children and their parents about the construct and operationalization of CR, using a Delphi Study. This poster shows the first two steps of the conducted Delphi Study.
Trefwoorden Specific Language Impairment (SLI), taalontwikkelingstoornissen, communicatieve redzaamheid
Taal Engels
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