Creating healthy nursing home environment via lighting interventions: a theoretical approach

Auteur(s) Emelieke Huisman; Helianthe S.M. Kort
Publicatiedatum 2015
Publicatietype Conferentiebijdrage
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Gezond en Duurzaam Leven
Lectoraat Vraaggestuurde Zorg
Samenvatting n the Netherlands long-term care facilities made investments in order to improve the well-being of their residents and to support healthcare professionals in their daily task. Light is one of the technical solutions that might be contribute to support the well-being of older residents in long-term care facilities. This study investigates which possibilities are available to enrich the current situation to support the well-being, activities of daily living, and quality of life of older residents from lighting perspective. The light measurements show that the conditions are low and the value of 750 lux mainly reached on measurements points close to the window area. In this field study the light conditions are improved through a static lighting system. Further research is needed in order to investigate how the new light plan affect the quality of life and to define light guidelines for long-term care facilities.
Taal Engels
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Gepubliceerd in Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Paginabereik 411-414