Requirements and Matching Software Technologies for Sustainable and Agile Manufacturing Systems

Auteur(s) Pascal Muller; Daniël Telgen; Erik Puik; Leo Moergestel, van
Publicatiedatum 2013
Publicatietype Conferentiebijdrage
Kenniscentrum Center of Experience Smart Sustainable Cities, Kenniscentrum Technologie en Innovatie
Lectoraat Microsysteemtechnologie / Embedded Systems
Samenvatting Sustainable and Agile manufacturing is expected of future generation manufacturing systems. The goal is to create scalable, reconfigurable and adaptable manufacturing systems which are able to produce a range of products without new investments into new manufacturing equipment. This requires a new approach with a combination of high performance software and intelligent systems. Other case studies have used hybrid and intelligent systems in software before. However, they were mainly used to improve the logistic processes and are not commonly used within the hardware control loop. This paper introduces a case study on flexible and hybrid software architecture, which uses prototype manufacturing machines called equiplets. These systems should be applicable for the industry and are able to dynamically adapt to changes in the product as well as changes in the manufacturing systems. This is done by creating self-configurable machines which use intelligent control software, based on agent technology and computer vision. The requirements and resulting technologies are discussed using simple reasoning and analysis, leading to a basic design of a software control system, which is based on a hybrid distributed control system
Taal Engels
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Gepubliceerd in IARIA, 2013