Is Knowledge of Mathematics a Key for Success for Studying ICT?

Auteur(s) Leo Moergestel, van; John-Jules Meyer
Publicatiedatum 2017-04-07
Publicatietype Conferentiebijdrage
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Gezond en Duurzaam Leven
Lectoraat Microsysteemtechnologie / Embedded Systems
Uitgever Universiteit Utrecht
Samenvatting From the article: "Most technical studies require and assume from the students a certain knowledge of mathematics. In this paper an experiment is described where students, starting with a study of ICT at a bachelor level, are performing a very short test in mathematics to measure their knowledge. The results of this test are compared with the results students are having with the real exams at the end of the rst quarter of the rst year."
Trefwoorden predictive testing, course development, mathematics
Taal Engels
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Gepubliceerd in CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Jaargang/Volume Volume 1844
Paginabereik 1-6