Combining the technological innovation systems framework with the entrepreneurs' perspective on innovation

Auteur(s) Julia Planko; J. Cramer; Marko P. Hekkert; Maryse M.H. Chappin
Publicatiedatum 2017
Publicatietype Artikel
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Economisch Sterke en Creatieve Stad
Lectoraat Cooperatief Ondernemerschap
Samenvatting For their technological sustainability innovations to become successful, entrepreneurs can strategically shape the technological field in which they are involved. The technological innovation systems (TISs) literature has generated valuable insights into the processes which need to be stimulated for the successful development and implementation of innovative sustainability technologies. To explore the applicability of the TIS framework from the perspective of entrepreneurs, we conducted a case study in the Dutch smart grids sector. We found that the TIS framework generally matches the perspectives of entrepreneurs. For its use by entrepreneurs, we suggest a slight adaptation of this framework. The process ‘Market formation’ needs to be divided into processes that are driven by the government and processes that are driven by entrepreneurs. There should be a greater emphasis on collaborative marketing, on changing user behaviour and preferences and on the development of fair and feasible business models.
Trefwoorden Cooperatief ondernemerschap, System-building, technological innovation systems, strategic collaboration, sustainability innovation
Taal Engels
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Gepubliceerd in Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Jaargang/Volume 29 nr. 6
Paginabereik 614-625