Development of eHOME, a Mobile Instrument for Reporting, Monitoring, and Consulting Drug-Related Problems in Home Care

Human-Centered Design Study

Auteur(s) Nienke Dijkstra; Carolien Sino; E.R. Heerdink; Marieke J. Schuurmans
Publicatiedatum 2018-03-07
Publicatietype Artikel
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Gezond en Duurzaam Leven
Lectoraat Chronisch Zieken
Samenvatting Home care patients often use many medications and are prone to drug-related problems (DRPs). For the management of problems related to drug use, home care could add to the multidisciplinary expertise of general practitioners (GPs) and pharmacists. The home care observation of medication-related problems by home care employees (HOME)-instrument is paper-based and assists home care workers in reporting potential DRPs. To facilitate the multiprofessional consultation, a digital report of DRPs from the HOME-instrument and digital monitoring and consulting of DRPs between home care and general practices and pharmacies is desired. The objective of this study was to develop an electronic HOME system (eHOME), a mobile version of the HOME-instrument that includes a monitoring and a consulting system for primary care.
Trefwoorden thuiszorg, e-health
Taal Engels
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Gepubliceerd in JMIR Human Factors
Jaargang/Volume 5 nr. 1
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