Hiddo Velsink

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Functie: Onderzoeker
Lectoraat: Digital Smart Services

E-mail: hiddo.velsink@hu.nl

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Hiddo Velsink performs a PhD-research in geodetic deformation monitoring, in which research both technical aspects and governance issues are treated. More information about this PhD-research can be found at phd.hazenpost.nl. Hiddo is also active in setting up an expertise group on building information and geo-information at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in close cooperation with regional industry.  

After a career at the Dutch Cadastral Service he lectured geodetic topics at Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. In these functions he wrote ample lecture notes for the courses in geodesy. These lecture notes are still in use both in the courses and in geodetic practice.

In 2001 he changed his activities to the management of education at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and acquired broad experience in managing several courses up to the management of the Institute of Built Environment, with 1700 students and more than a hundred lecturers.

Because of a major change in management structure of the faculty of Science and Technology in 2011, he decided to start a PhD-research and to catch the opportunity to set up an expertise group in the upcoming important area of building information management and geographic information systems.