SBE16 Utrecht: Transition Zero - 7 & 8 april 2016 (dit evenement is geweest)


From Demonstrations to large-scale NET-Zero Refurbishment

HU University of Applied Sciences, Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities, announces the Sustainable Built Environment conference 2016 (SBE16), in partnership with six Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences: AVANS University of Applied Sciences Breda, SAXION University of Applied Sciences Enschede, ROTTERDAM University of Applied Sciences, THE HAGUE University of Applied Sciences, ZUYD University of Applied Sciences Maastricht, InHolland University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and USI, the Utrecht Sustainability Institute.

Congresbeeld SBE16 UtrechtThe SBE Conference series is considered to be the pre-eminent international conference on sustainable building and construction, promoted by the international organizations IISBE, CIB, UNEP-SBCI and FIDIC. The SBE16 Utrecht conference aims to rally technology transition professionals in urban sustainability around a number of hot issues to promote international best practices in urban sustainability.
The title of the conference is ‘Transition ZERO’, and the main theme: ‘from Demonstrations to large-scale NET-Zero Refurbishment’.
The four conference topics are:

  • Upscaling: from prototypes and concepts to market introduction, financial models & business models, strategy to mass market.
  • Circular processes: models & materials, construction chains, eco-materials and embedded energy.
  • Small urban area: improving systems, 0-impact areas related to energy, water & materials, participation of inhabitants and quality of life.
  • Governance: legislation & policies, European chances, stakeholder involvement & alignment, impact of local/national authorities.


The Conference Organizing Committee invites interested parties to submit abstracts of papers suited for presentation at the congress. Abstracts will be considered and approved by the Conference Organizing Committee. When an abstract has been accepted, instructions regarding the preparation, format and timetable of the final paper will be issued.

We would like to encourage you and your collaborators to take advantage of this opportunity. We welcome papers with a practice-based as well as an academic orientation. Position papers are as welcome as evidence based papers: the aim is to realize a good focus in the conference. We invite you to provide a contribution and to put this event on your agenda.

Conference Partners

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